3.100 residents and it’s located at a distance of 125 km from Thessaloniki. It was founded in August 1924 by refugees, originating from the island of Marmaras of Propontida. By the late 1960s, several residents from Parthenon settled in Neos. Marmaras. Parthenon is a neighboring, traditional, Byzantine settlement at an altitude of 320 meters. The town developed mainly after the construction of the Porto Carras Hotel in the 1960s.

Neos Marmaras spreads on natural coves that succeed each other. Every year many tourists visit the town, as it magically combines the sea and the mountain, the frantic fan and the absolute relaxation, therefore it satisfies all ages and tastes. Visitors can enjoy local and international cuisine. They can visit many shops where, besides daily necessities, they can find original gifts and souvenirs.

The residents of Neos Marmaras, as refugees, gave the region a unique character, becoming obvious mainly during the local events that usually take place in the summer. Their main occupation is tourism, fishing, olive growing and viticulture.

In the town you can find Banks, Agricultural Office, Port Authority, Fire Station, Police Station, Post Office etc.


Beaches in Neos Marmaras

Most beaches in the area are awarded with Blue Flag. North of Neos Marmaras, beaches are highly developed and offer sufficient infrastructure.

On the beach of Neos Marmaras, starting from the last bay and extending to Porto Carras Hotel, there are organized beach bars, fish taverns and various mini-markets.

South of Neos Marmaras and after the Porto Carras area, most of the beaches are accessible only by sea, they are quiet and offer a peaceful landscape of exceptional beauty.